Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama's Day Pics - better late than never.

Bad News - My camera is broke beyond repair.

Good News - My niece finally e-mailed me the pics I took on her camera from Mom's Day.

As mentioned in my last post, the Hubs took us all out for dinner on Saturday night. We went back to Asado, the Argentinian restaurant we went to for my B-Day. I guess you can say, we really like it.

{Me, Mum, Sissy}
{Eric, Me looking too prego in the face}
{MIL, Eric, Mum}
There's is nothing better than family. I've been blessed to have not only the best Mum ever but I also have a great relationship with my MIL.
They are both very giving, caring, nurturing and exceptional in many ways.
I've learned a lot about being a mother from the two of them and it was wonderful to be able to celebrate Mothers Day with both of them.


Sunday was a double special day for us, b/c not only was it Mother's Day, it was Jaelyn's actual 4th birthday.
So of course we had to snap a few shots.

The four of us, I'm sure you're all familiar.
It's crazy to think in just a couple months there will be an addition.
And b/c it was Mother's Day, I had to get one of my Mum, Myself and Jaelyn.
Me, Hennessy and My Big Boy on his 4th.
What a great weekend!!