Monday, April 30, 2012

{Photo Fix} April Photo A Day Challenge. Days 19-29

Day 19.  Orange

Day 20.  Something you drew.
I havn't drawn anything in a while, but I do color often with the boys.
Day 21.  Bottle.
I got this bottle of wine for my birthday last year.

Day 22.  The last thing you bought.
Bought this pretty ring.

Day 23.  Vegetable.
Radish has made an appearance in veggie plate.

Day 24.  Something you are grateful for.
Grateful for home and all that goes with it.

Day 25.  Looking down.

Day 26.  Black and White.

Day 27.  Somewhere you went.
Just a few of the places I've been.
Day 28. 1pm
A Day Late.

Day 29. Circle.

Day 30. Something that makes you sad.



This challenge was lots of fun. 
Of course I love taking pictures, but even more fun was to look at all the other peoples photos.  It was very interesting to see how everyone interpreted each day's focus.

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