Friday, April 27, 2012

{Food Fix} Tried and True


Once again I decided to try Greek Yogurt. 

  I'm not sure. 
I guess it's a combination of brilliant marketing, influence from other foodies, and my determination to not be defeated by it.

This time, I tried Fage Plain with honey.

Before mixing in the honey, I tasted the plain yogurt.  Yuck!  I'm not into the tang, so in went the honey.

Not bad.  Actually, it was better than the previous brands and flavors I've tried in the past.

But still not something I could see myself eating on a regular basis. 

I knew I couldn't finish the entire container as is, so I added a bit of granola to add some texture and make it more appetizing.


I've learned time and time again that if I want to reach for a healthy snack instead of a "naughty" one, I have to keep fruits and veggies in the house at all times. 

Going beyond just having them available in the house, I have to keep them washed, chopped and ready to eat.  So lately, I've gotten back into an old habit of keeping a container of prepared veggies in the fridge.

This makes such a difference in my snacking and lunches.  So even when I only have a quick moment to eat lunch, I can still eat healthy.

What are some of your tricks to get healthy eats in throughout the day?