Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Health Fix} Weight Loss Progress and Starfruit

Last weeks Weight Watchers Meeting topic was
Produce Power- Adding more colorful fruits and veggies to your plate.

So my leader gave us a homework assignment to try a new fruit or veggie and report back to the group. 

This was perfect for me, since a couple weeks ago I had mentioned in this post, that I wanted to try out some new fruits. 

I chose Starfruit.

All I knew about starfruit was what it looks like.  Nothing else.  I didn't even know how to tell if it is ripe or not.  Funny enough, after I bought it and was home unpacking my grocery bags, I wondered if I could even eat it raw.  I assumed so. 

Whole Raw Starfruit.

Inside flesh

Once sliced, it's pretty obvious where it gets it's name.  So pretty.

As for the taste?
It's hard to describe. 
In one word, I would say

It didn't have much of a taste. 
The texture on the other hand was very crunchy and juicy.

Honestly, it wasn't very exciting aside from the cute little star shape.

Overall, I'm glad I tried it.  Even if it doesn't make a regular appearance in my fruit basket, I probably will add it to the next fruit platter I take to a pot luck or picnic.

Weight Loss Update

I'm pretty happy about my weight loss since I've joined weight watchers.  It's been 10 weeks and I've lost a total of 20 pounds.  Which is 10% of my starting weight.

I'm not sure what my final "number" goal is.  All I'm really sure of, is I want to pass my pre-pregnancy weight.  I would love to fit into a size 8-10 comfortably. 

Progress Pics.

I'm actually pretty surprised at how my body looks in these pictures. 

I'm still rockin a serious kangaroo pouch (baby belly) but my legs are definately looking smaller.  I can even see the difference in my face. 

A healthier, smaller me is in the making.

Just taking it one day and one pound at a time.