Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Food Fix} Leftover Lunches are the Best

Yesterday's lunch was the BEST.  Anytime, I get to eat leftover dinner for lunch it always tastes amazing, and always beats a sandwich.

A few nights ago, the Hubs made asparagus and parm stuffed chicken breasts and the following night he made red beans and cornbread.  I made some cabbage to go with.

I made the cabbage by first sauteing some onion, garlic and carrots in a touch of canola oil with pepper.
After a few minutes I added a whole head of chopped cabbage, seasoning salt to taste, and one can of chicken stock.
covered and simmered, mixing occasionally, until the cabbage was tender and the chicken stock reduced.
The hubs made the beans.  I don't know the step by step directions but I do know, used onions, celery, seasonings, bay leaf and a smoked turkey leg.
Not sure what else, but they were the bomb and even better the next day.
The chicken breast was stuffed with parmesan cheese and asparagus spears.  Seasoned to taste with fresh herbs from our garden and baked. Then topped with toasted pine nuts.

Such a good lunch.  And reasonably healthy.

Wish I had more for today.  

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