Friday, July 22, 2011

{Fitness Fix} Jaelyn's Track Meet

We signed Jaelyn up with a track team this summer to keep him busy.
This was his first year, so needless to say, it was quite cute to watch.

He's a pretty good runner. He's a little slow at the start because he is so busy watching the other runners take off.  His last meet was on Wednesday and he got 3rd place in the 50 meter run.  His best time of the season.

Go Jae!!!

Standing proud with his ribbon.

In addition to the 50 and 100 meter races, he also competed in the standing long jump.

And the softball throw.

The season was a quick 6 weeks, but he really enjoyed it.
And since we haven't really had much of a summer here in the Great Northwest, (rain, clouds, rain and more clouds) it was perfect for him to get out of the house, get some activity and meet some new friends.

Next up, Soccer.