Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Food Fix} Kids in the Kitchen

Rice Crispy treats are the perfect treat to make with a kid.
They're fast, little ingredients are needed, don't require any baking, and kiddos love them.

I've had this box of "Crisp Rice" in my cabinet for almost 2 months and finally got around to making some rice crispy treats with Jaelyn.

Jaelyn was a big help stirring the marshmallows.

And of course when it was all done, he got to nibble at the spoon.
(The best part in my opinion)

These treats don't last long in our house. Between Jaelyn and the Hubs, they go really fast.  Which is fine with me, the less time they hang around, the less chances I have to dig in.

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  1. I live the idea of J in the kitchen, in no time he will be whipping up dinners for the whole family!


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