Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Food Fix} Food Pics

Just some pics of some eats from around here lately.

 I have been eating some of the sweetest most delish fresh pineapples lately.  I buy them whole and cut them up myself.  So juicey and yum.

This below is a veggie chicken patty, cooked in a pan with some EVOO and topped with LF mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce, stuffed in a ww pita.  It was inspired by chicken parm, and turned out really good.

When the Hubs has steak for dinner, I will usually just take a piece and cut it up over a salad.  I still get to enjoy the steak but I don't eat the sides he cooks with it, like baked beans, mac&cheese, rice or mashed potatoes.

You know a pita pizza had to make an appearance on the food pic list.

Breaky sandwich made with egg whites, deli ham, a half slice of cheddar and a ww hamburger bun.