Monday, May 17, 2010

Zoo Day.

This past week has been so beautiful. I spent alot of my spare time in the yard. I have a bunch of flowers and a veggie garden so between it all, I stay busy outside.

Jaelyn and I also had a chance to go to the Zoo. He is an animal lover so the Zoo was the perfect place for us to spend some time together.

Here he is touching a starfish.

Finally we made it to the penguin exhibit. Jaelyn is a serious Penguin Lova!! We spent at least 20 mins watching the penguins. They really are adorable, I can see why he loves them so much.

Halfway through our trek around the zoo, we stopped for a picnic break. I brought cut up fruit, granola bars and cold water. Perfect refreshments and energy boosts.
We had such a good time. Jaelyn kept saying "Mom, I'm so glad to be at the Zoo" Too cute!