Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fridays Good Eats

I started the day with two pancakes. I made them with 1/2 whole wheat mix and 1/2 regular mix. Topped with Mums homemade blackberry jam. Hello Deliciousness. Some eggs whites and fruit on the side.

Strawberries and Pears.

Lunch started with a spring salad with grilled chicken.
I also wanted some spinach and lentil soup.
Fruit snacks. We usually buy these for Jaelyn but I just can't help myself so I bought a box of the Disney Princess' for myself.
Juicy orange. I want one right now.

For dinner I made chicken Quesadillas.
Sauteed some onion, mushroom and red bells in canola oil.
Chopped and re-heated some leftover chicken.
Assembled on a whole wheat tortilla with some rf mexican mix cheese.
Alongside some corn, refried beans and spanish rice. Rf sour cream and salsa to top.
So good.

Happy Eating!