Monday, March 1, 2010

More From our Cabo Trip.

In Cabo there are lots of restaurants on the beach. You get to eat with the sound of the waves and the sand between your toes. It's great.

The table was candle lit, so it was hard to get a good pic, but here is my enchiladas with rice and beans.
One day for lunch we went to the deli on our resort for sandwiches.
That pasta salad was nasty. Pasta and mayo, gross.

I don't go long without oatmeal for breakfast, even in Mexico.

Breakfast potatoes with and egg on top.

While downtown, we were on the hunt for some yummy authentic tacos.
I found these shrimp tacos and they were so delish. The Hubs order beef tacos, but wasn't really impressed.
Fresh salsa and pico.

Fresh chips. Warm. Crunch. Yum.

Just about everyday, I made a fruit salad to have as a snack on the beach or by the pool. So refreshing in the hot sun.

Our breakfast's were so gooood. It was great to start the days off with yummy breakfasts'.

Ice Cream!!!
Another taco spot we tried was called El Paisa.

They only served beef tacos and they were amazing. I tried different toppings on each one.

They were served with lime slices and roasted onion.

We also tried the bean soup. Which was simple but so fresh and tasty.
This was the whole kitchen, an open grill and a chopping station.

I could go for a little taco right now!!
So good.
And maybe even a little sun!