Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Cabo Post

Another delish breakyfast. Eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast.
More Ice Cream.

Chicken quesadillas

Water Aerobics.

Tortilla Soup.

Virgin Margarita while watching the Olympics Hockey game.

BLT with cucumber and cheddar.

One night The Hubs made steak for dinner.

Our resort had a "leave one, take one" magazine stand. I wrote Operation Beautiful notes in a few of them, before returning them back to the stand.
Another beachside dinner.

Well, that's it. I won't post anything else about our trip to Cabo.
It was a great trip. I love getting away with my husband and just enjoying our time together experiencing new things. The hardest part of the trip was missing Jaelyn. We've already decided, the next time we go, he is coming with. That will be a completely new experience. I think he will love it. So will I.

bad news...
my tan is fading. :(