Friday, February 12, 2010

While at my parents' in BC, my camera battery died and I didn't have my charger so I only managed to get a pic of one meal. Mum made me a sammy and some green tea.
My Mum is a great cook, and even when she just whips up a quick sammy, it always seems to taste so good. I guess it's that mothers touch.

On Sunday, my Dad was making his delish curry chicken with chick peas and potatoes. This is one of my fav things he makes. He is an amazing cook. He actually managed a restaurant kitchen back in the day, so can make just about anything. But this is one of his original recipes and it is the best.

Jaelyn and I didn't stay for dinner, so Pops hooked me up with some take out to bring home. I couldn't wait to get home and dig in.

This mix of curry chicken can be eaten over rice, but we usually eat it in a wrap; traditionally a roti skin.
I like mine spicy so I add some hot sauce before wrapping.


Big Thanks to the Parentals for hooking it up!!