Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Canada!!

The Hubs and I along with my Sissy and her boyfriend, had a chance to spend some time downtown Vancouver to join the crowds. The Olympic fever was in the air.
It was pretty exciting, lots of fans from all over the world sporting their countries' colors in support of the teams.
There were big screen TV's broadcasting the games. We were down there when Mogul Skier Alexandre Bilodeau made Canadian history winning the first gold for Team Canada on Canadian soil. Woo Hoo!! The crowd went crazy!!!
Great Moment!
{Here's just a few of the pics I took}

{We saw this guy on the SkyTrain with the Inukshuk design in his hair}

{A couple signs that were ever so present}

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games, what a great Opening Ceremony!!! I loved it all, but two of my fav moments were definitely when the killer whales swam across the floor and K.D. Lang's performance!!! Loved it.