Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatcha eatin?

Here's my latest picture list of some of the things I've been eating lately.

Right now, I'm sippin on some Peppermint Tea (helps with the baby sickness) and munching on some TJ's Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins. ~

Shrimp Fried Rice. Someone posted about making some fried rice and I can't for the life of me remember who it was. (Sorry) But it looked so good I decided to try some myself. I already had some leftover brown rice in the fridge so it was perfect timing.


Yesterday, I made a tuna pita. I think this was the best tuna mix I've ever made. It was so so good.

1 can tuna in water

2 boiled egg whites

1 small dill pickle chopped

2 tbs chopped onion

1 1/2 tbs light mayo


Puffins Multigrain cereal with ff milk and 1 small banana

This baked potato hit the spot. I topped it with a bit of Smart Balance Lite, a sprinkle of dry ranch dressing mix, S&P, sauteed onions and rf sour cream. Yum. The onions were sweet and flavourful. It was really filling too.

I added the hard boiled egg b/c my Midwife says I need to have protein with every meal.


Pancakes. I do love a great pancake, but I don't make them too often. I made these with a mixture of whole wheat and regular dry mix. I mixed the two b/c last time I made pancakes with just the whole wheat mix, they were too dry and dense. The combo of the two definitely helped.

Along side, 1 egg white and some canned peaches.

I used to request this sandwich from my Mum when I was younger. Tomato, cheddar and lettuce. Such a perfect combination. I made mine with whole wheat bread and a touch of rf mayo. Tastes just like Mum used to make.

We had leftover Taco fixins from the tacos we made so for lunch the next day I whipped up a salad. Lots of lettuce, black beans, taco meat, tomatoes, and some rf sour cream and salsa. I swear, I think this salad was even better than the tacos.

You already know I had some oatmeal.

Quick snack - Thomas' Light eng muffin with rf PB and a box of raisins.

Well there you have it. Some of my healthy meals from the past week.