Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holiday 2009 Recap.

I really would have liked to have done more blogging during December but the time was short. December is always such a busy month. Lots of celebrations, family traditions, traveling and holiday events. I took lots of pictures with the intention of blogging about each event and meal. But, unfortunately I was unable to do so.

So, instead I have piled together a few pics of some of the highlights of my December.

This is Jaelyn trying to catch a snowflake from the little snow we did manage to get this year.
It's crazy because last year we had a huge snow storm that lasted days.

My poor dog Hennessy, I tortured him once again and dressed him in is Santa suit. He was pissed but I thought he looked adorable.

My girlfriend had a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. What a hoot. We did a white elephant gift exchange. I walked away with a $20 Target gift card. Score!
The food was delish. Chicken wings, tacos, cheese and crackers, apple tart, veggies & dip, lots of cookies, apple cider and punch. After the good eats, we played a few rounds of Apples to Apples and a hilarious game of Pictionary. Great night with friends.

Every year we spend Christmas with my parents in BC. Jaelyn and I drove up a few days early and Eric met up with us on Christmas Eve.
While we were there we made graham cracker gingerbread houses. Jaelyn loved it.

Jaelyn decorated his house all by himself. I think he did a great job.

On Christmas Eve Jaelyn, my neph Lincoln, my parents and I went out to the front yard to spread Reindeer food on the lawn.
It was a mix of sugar, sparkles and wheat. We got it from Santa at the Christmas Train. It came with a label that said:

Sprinkle on the Lawn at Night
The Moon will make it Sparkle Bright
Santa's Reindeer Fly and Roam
This will Guide them to your Home

I thought this was so cute.

Jaelyn had fun tossing the Reindeer food around.

Later that night, Jaelyn and Lincoln entertained us by dancing in their matching PJ's. How cute!

The sea of presents at my parents' house always takes up the entire living room. We are a big family. There was 12 of us opening gifts.

One of my faves, was Snuggies for our family. Jaelyn loves his.
Well that's the quick run down. Until next year.