Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Bit of Texas

We had a blast in Houston visiting family. We got to see a lot of the huge city and spent great time with our family.

I really tried to stay aware of my eating choices but of course it wasn't always perfect. Most of the time, I just shared what ever the Hubs got and added a side salad when we went out. When eating at my BIL's house, I just stuck to small portions.

Here are a few pictures from our trip.

My BIL took us to a drive-up convenience store called The Eskimo Hut, where we ordered daiquiri's. Yes, real daiquiri's with alcohol, at a drive thru window. Crazy!
Each daiquiri had a funky name like "Jang-A-Lang", "Shoulder Lean" and "3 Some"

Fried Chicken Anyone?
You see the side salad? That was mine.

Eric and I had a chance to hit up a club one night.
We got to experience the "Dirty South's" night life.
Had a blast.

After the club we tried Chacho's. It was recommended to us by a friend. Really delicious but definitely not easy on the hips.

We did lots of sight seeing downtown. Here we are in front of the Sunkist Baseball Field.

Eric loves to try the fast food restaurants that we don't have here in Washington.
Whataburgers were everywhere, so we shared a burger. Not bad, your basic fast food greasy burger.

Another restaurant we tried out was Razzoo's Cajun Grill.
I had a glass of wine and a caesar salad, with a few bites of Eric's Cajun Platter, that included gumbo, dirty rice, sausage and crawfish jambalaya.

While we were there we went to the Reliant Center to watch the 49er's vs. Texans.
Eric and his family are originally from Cali's Bay Area, and are die hard 49er fans.
The Reliant Center was huge, very exciting game, unfortunately the Texans took the victory.

One of the restaurants my BIL was excited to take us to was Thelma's.
Do you see that pile of BBQ meat? Underneath that was a huge baked potato. It was so ridiculously delicious.
Eric also ordered a rib sandwich. Literally 3 huge ribs sandwiched between a hamburger bun.
Thelma came out from the kitchen to say hello. She even though Jaelyn was so cute, she gave him a slice of lemon cake. Tasted so good, reminded me of my great-grandmothers cake.

We had such a great time.
Traveling is fun, but it's great to be back home.
I'll post about our Halloween night later.