Tuesday, October 13, 2009


That's how I've been feeling lately. I just can't seem to find my "Happy Healthy Place"
It really time for a hunger makeover.
Let me explain. I got my grub on this past weekend, I did well with Thanksgiving dinner, but everything else was a disaster. I had cookies, apple pie, pumpkin pie, Chinese food, too many slices of toast and butter, wine, candy, a few mini chocolate bars and I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole handful of more "big booty" foods. There is just something so difficult about sticking to a health plan while away from home, esp. around the holidays when there is food at every turn.

So today, I am committing to turn that all around. I have eleven days before we leave to TX to visit some of The Hubs' family and I do not want to feel bloated and heavy.

My Plan
  • No Meat. This doesn't mean, I'm going Vegetarian for life, it just means I'm not going to allow any heavy meat into my food plan for the next week or so. This is not meant to be a challenge for me, and it really isn't, I don't eat a lot of meat anyway, I just want to concentrate on a veggie/fruit based diet. I might allow a little fish, we'll see how I feel each day.
  • Tracking. I plan to track my meals. Those of you who do track, know the impact of tracking each thing that enters your mouth. It keeps me accountable and keeps me aware of what I'm eating. If at the end of the day, I can look at a list of the things I've eaten, I can easily find any problem areas.
  • No Cheating. Yes, I admit, I cheat sometimes. But not this week. I am going to be honest with myself and not allowing any temptations to get the best of me.
  • Activity. 30 mins per day, no matter what. No excuses. It's just too important for me to ignore.
  • Listen & Obey. I'm going to listen to my body and hunger signals. No eating just because I want to.
That's it. That's my plan. I put it out there for the universe to see.

Wish me Luck!!

When you fall off track what are the things you do to get back on?