Thursday, October 1, 2009

Turkey Chili

Now that fall is here, I've been thinking of warm eats. Chili is one of my fav fall dinners. It's warm and comforting, filling and delish. Not to mention, it's incredibly easy to make, and I always have enough of the ingredients on hand. Like most other soups and stews, there is no real science to the recipe so, what I have, is what I use.

Turkey Chili
I browned 1 pound of ground turkey with a bit of EVOO
Added half of this pack of chili seasoning to the browning meat.
The other half of seasoning went into the crockpot with chicken broth.
*Add as much or as little liquid as you like depending on how thick or thin you like your chili.
Once turkey is browned add it to the pot as well.
Roughly chopped, tomatoes, onion, green bell pepper and jalapeno peppers were added to the pot.

Along with a can of corn. I like to add corn for the slightly sweet bite and color.

Beans Beans, good for your heart.
The more you eat, the more you ____! (fill in the blank)

Add beans, whatever you prefer. I had a can of plain pintos and a can of southwestern flavored pintos.

Stir it all together.
Put the lid on it.
Set to low.
Walk away.

(Notice my new crockpot? Remember my old one?)

The final product!
I topped mine with a few slices of polenta and some light sour cream.

Yum Yum!!



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