Thursday, October 1, 2009

Date Night at the Ball Game.

Yesterday one of The Hubs' customers gave him tickets to the Mariners vs. Oakland A's game.
We went and had a great time.
I love spontaneous date nights.
It was a beautiful night in Seattle. The air was a bit chilly but not windy and the sky was clear.

The game was a complete blowout. Not sure of the final score, but the Mariners kicked Oakland Bootay!

Had to get shot of these two up at bat. Griffey hit a homerun!!

I had a Miller Light to sip on. We shared a cheese pizza and had sunflower seeds.

There was this really cool art display of all the MLB team logos made of license plates and aluminum scraps. I got a pic of the Mariners of course, the Expos and Blue Jays because I'm Canadian and the Yankees well, because they're the Yankees.

Great date night at the ball game.