Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yesterday' Eats

Yesterday, I woke up feeling good. Had a fun day a head. A baby shower and then Game Night at a friends house.

I wanted to eat a filling breakfast to hold me over for a while, so I started my day with some Pecan Pancakes with Bananas.
I've had this box of whole wheat pancake mix for a while so decided to give it a try. I added a touch of Cinnamon and some chopped pecans to the mix.

I topped them with sf syrup and banana slices. Yum, they turned out really well.

After doing some housework and getting ready for my day, I felt a slight bit of hunger. I knew I had to have a bite of something, so I wouldn't be starving when I got to the shower. So I sliced up an apple for the ride.

This was my first plate of food at the shower:

And this was my second:
{No Cake!!} Which is rare for me, I usually like to have a small piece of sweets but decided against it.

After the shower, I had some time to spare before meeting up with the Hubs and heading to game night, so I stopped of at the mall. I didn't buy anything, (which too is rare), I just wanted to walk around, window shop and people watch.
But by the time, I got home, I was hungry again. So I made a quick little deli-sammy before leaving for game night.

While at our friends house, I had two beers and a glass of wine. Nothing to eat, even though they had chips w/ chili cheese dip and wings. I knew if I started on the dip, I wouldn't be able to stop, so I didn't even go there.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the choices I made, considering the entire day could have been a colossal disaster.

Today we are heading to yet another get together with friends to watch the football game...