Saturday, August 1, 2009

As if one bowl wasn't enough...

One bowl of what you ask? I'll get to that.

First let me start by telling you, yesterday started off with a delish bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee. It finally cooled down enough for me to make oatmeal, Yay!

After breaky-fast Jaelyn and I headed out to run some errands. Target was on the list of places to go, while I was there I found popchips! I've been hearing about these on the food blogs, and have been curious to try.
I like. They were full of flavor and very crunchy. A enjoyed a handful, which held me over until I could get some lunch.

We hadn't made it home in time for lunch, so we stopped at Subway. I had a 6in black forest ham w/o cheese, plenty of veggies and lite mayo.

My late afternoon snack was a nectarine. I'm so glad I found it chillin in the fridge when I opened the door, b/c at that moment I was looking for anything chocolate. Close call.

Dinner time. Cheese ravioli tossed in Italian diced tomatoes. A side of sauteed veggies; zucchini from my garden, onion, green bells and mushrooms. And two slices of hot link, b/c I could resist.

Sounds like a great day of good eats right?

It was, until my late night sugar craving kicked in.
After coming home from the casino at 1:30am, I decided a bowl of Cap'N Crunch Berries was a good late night snack. It was milky and crunchy and sweet. And as if the first bowl wasn't enough, I went for seconds.
Yes, I did.
OK, now that I've confessed to the universe, I can move on.