Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Been So Hot...

But I love it.
Our temps have been in the high 90's which is rare for us.
We've had record breaking days in the Great Northwest.

Yesterdays eats...

Egg white scramble with mushrooms and green bells

Toasted sandwich thin

Turkey bacon


For a snack I had a Luna Cookie.
This was my first time trying one, and I was very happy with it. It had great texture and was really tasty. Definately didn't resemble a cookie more like a mini bar, but still a great little snack. I'm now curious to try the other flavors.
When lunch time came around, I really wasn't in the mood to fix anything, so I reached for a yogurt and a banana.
After lunch I wanted something cold so I had a pina colada flavored freezie. I havn't had one of these in years. It was perfect for a cold treat while watching Jaelyn splash around in his pool.

Because it was too hot to cook anything, we opted to go out for Mexican. I got a taco salad. It was really good but smothered in cheese, I now know for next time to ask for "easy on the cheese".

Besides the cheese, I like that this restaurant doesn't use the traditional taco salad shell, the one that's deep fried. Instead, they use a split taco shell, which I'm not tempted to eat like the other one. My salad was really good, the veggies were cold and crisp which was perfect for such a hot evening.

Before bed, I had a FF chocolate pudding cup. Yum, one of my fav late night snacks.