Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Fun Sunday

I started the day with a great breakfast. The Hubs bought a package of chorizo sausage and decided to cook it up for breakfast. He made sliced potatoes sauteed with the sausage and onions. Seasoned with S&P and topped with a fried egg. So good, it was really hard not to go for seconds.

We had plans to spend the day in Seattle but wanted to head out after the Son was able to take a good nap. Instead of a big lunch I cut up some watermelon to hold us over because I knew plenty of food was ahead.
In Seattle, we went to the Bite of Seattle which is a food festival. A celebration of food!! What a fantastic idea. Of course, I knew what this meant. I had to chose my "Bites" wisely while not depriving myself.
I had a few simple rules I planned on following while there.
  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Don't purchase anything fried
  3. Share, share, share
  4. Walk as much as possible
  5. Don't allow myself to get stuffed
  6. Eat slow and enjoy the food

After walking around and taking a look at the various food options, I decided to get this.

Curried garbanzos with potato, a side of basmati rice and some shredded cabbage. Turned out to be a great choice. It was lite and delish.

The Hubs got Thai. Garlic chicken, fried rice, pad thai noodles and a chicken skewer. I had a bite of his skewer and garlic chicken. Really good!

And as if his plate of Thai wasn't enough, he got a thin crust BBQ chicken pizza from the California Pizza Kitchen stand. I couldn't resist and had a small slice. Oh my, it was good. I'm not usually one who likes "out of the box" pizza combos, but this was good.

The Son had cheese pizza. It must have been good, b/c he had almost 3 whole slices. (Not too worry, the slices were small)
After enjoying our yummy food we walked around some more, enjoyed the music and checked out some of the other attractions we decided it was time for something sweet. That is when we found this...
Frozen yogurt with fresh mango and blueberries. One scoop of the original flavor is only 90 calories and 0 grams of fat. Hello Heaven in a cup.

After a bit more walking and sun, we got thirsty, so we shared a peach lemonade.

Mommy and Jaelyn.

Daddy and Jaelyn with the Seattle Space Needle behind them.

Sounds like a fun filled day already right? Well we still had more fun ahead of us. The Seattle Chinatown Parade was that night too. My little cousin, Malaya, is in a drill team and I try to make it to at least one of her performances each year, so since we were already downtown, we met up with some family to enjoy the parade.
The Chinatown parade is one of my favs. It's a fun parade with lots of floats and drill teams. Lots of dragons a drums. I look forward to seeing the Chinese drill team. Their costumes are so beautiful.

The clowns are always a lot of fun and the kids love them because they hand out stickers and spray the crowd with water guns. Here's J with the Superman Clown.

Finally my little cousins big moment was upon us. Here she is performing with her drill team, The Baby Dolls. So cute! This was their 3rd parade in 2 days. Talk about exercise.

After the parade we went over to my Aunts house to hang out and catch up. This was my chance to get a picture of Malaya in full costume, just before she passed out for the night.
A great day! Sunshine, great food, family and fun.