Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to Surrey, BC

I'm home from visiting with the fam in BC. But only for a few days, then we will be going back. Actually, it will be back and forth almost every other weekend for most of the summer. We had a great time and of course great food was involved. When is it not at the parents house. Luckily, my family tries to remain healthy in their food choices and respectful of my attempt at a healthy lifestyle.

Here's a quick recap of the couple days away:

Tuesday, The Hubs, son and I all went to the Vancouver Aquarium. We decided to leave the car at home and take the Sky Train. The train dropped us off downtown and we walked the 20mins to the Aquarium. Yay, for us. Lot's of walking that day which helped me from feeling too guilty about the hamburger I had after walking back downtown.

Wednesday was my niece's 7th grade graduation. It was so nice being there to watch her and her friends whom she's been going to school with for the last 8 years graduate elementary school. They were all so cute and excited. I have to mention, she graduated with honors and got a medal for academic excellence.

Way to go Dejia, Auntie's proud of you!

Dejia and her friends all celebrated by going to lunch at Red Robins and taking a ride around town in a Limo. So we decided to head to our fav Chinese place and get a bite. Actually, the Hubs decided, he's been talking about going to this place for the last 2 weeks.

We ordered, a few different dishes, including my fav Won Ton soup.

This is what my plate looked like, minus the soup, I forgot to get a pic of it.
Here's Jaelyn getting his grub on the soup.

Wednesday night, we were heading to the Maxwell concert. Love this artist. His music is pure genius and it doesn't hurt that he's fine as hell.

But before we left, Mom made a fantastic dinner with a Greek twist. Both chicken and steak kabobs, rice, roasted herb potatoes, asparagus, tzatziki and fresh-from-the-greek-bakery pita bread with garlic. Yum!

And b/c I was pre-funking for the concert I had a cold glass of wine with dinner.


Yes, I know, I got my grub on that day, but it was all so good and so worth it.

After dinner, we all got dressed and headed to the concert.

We had a blast and Maxwell was all that I expected him to be. Can't wait to get his new album when it comes out.