Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Creative Fix} Crafting with Paper Rolls

Next month Mr. A is turning 2.  I'm planning a pirate party for him and my nephew at my mom's house.  I've been somewhat obsessed with this party. 

Anyway, I had my mom save me a bunch of paper towel rolls to make pirate telescopes.  Well she saved way more than I needed, so I decided to recycle them in a craft with the boys, instead of just throwing them in the recycle bin.  During my search for the perfect craft, I found so many.  I really never knew there was so many things you can do with a paper towel roll. 

So naturally, I decided to share my finds with you all.  These are just a few of the many.

Cord Holder

Pillow Boxes

Christmas Ornament


Bird Feeder

Scissor/Pen Holder

Painting with Paper Rolls

Ribbon Scrap Gift

Candy Filled Rockets



So many great crafts.  I think the boys and I will start with the bird feeder...