Friday, July 13, 2012

{Craft Fix} 4th of July Onesie

Leading up to the 4th, I had been looking for a sweet little "red, white and blue" outfit for Wynter but couldn't find one.  Don't get me wrong there was lots of little patriotic outfits for baby girls everywhere, but I'm cheap frugal, I couldn't find one at a price I was willing to pay.  Not only that, I had a feeling the weather was gonna be a bit iffy, and everything I saw was for hot weather.

So being the little crafter that I am, I decided to whip something up for her on my own.

One quick look through my box of ribbon was all it took.
I found red and blue ribbon and even found a couple little felt star embellishments.

A plain white onesie, ribbon and hot glue,
and wa-la.

I even made a matching hair clip.

Little Wynter was all set for the 4th festivities.

Patriotic Swag!