Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Update Fix} Getting back on the horse?

I had no idea how little time I would have to dedicate to extra curricular activities (like blogging) once the new baby arrived. 

I really miss blogging on a regular basis and hope to get back on the horse on a more regular basis, but I guess having 3 kids (2 in diapers) takes up just about all of my time. 

So I will take this opportunity to update on my weight loss efforts.
I'm happy to say that I have lost 12 lbs since joining weight watchers.  I can feel it, but of course I wish it would fall off faster, like yesterday!!  I'm so anxious to get back into my regular clothes.

My meals have been pretty boring lately, not because I'm trying to lose weight but from lack of a stocked kitchen.  But yesterday, I finally made it out to buy some groceries. 

I definitely need to get back to taking pics of my food.  When I know I going to take a pic of my eats, I put more effort into preparing healthier, prettier more interesting dishes.

I did manage to snap a pic of my lunch today.

So, I'm going to check in again when I find a minute.

Until, then, I leave you with pics of my baby girl.
(I'm a proud mama)