Friday, March 9, 2012

{Food Fix} Yesterday's Eats

Yesterday I made an effort to snap some pics of my yum yums.

For breaky, I had oatmeal, which you know I love. 
My usual mix includes cinnamon, vanilla extract and raisins, but I'm all out of raisins so I decided to try dried figs and dates this time.

It turned out yummy but next time, I'm not going to add the dried fruit until the very end.  I added them too soon and they came out a bit mushy.

For lunch I made another snack plate. 
Pretzels, carrots, mushrooms, turkey pep, hummus and a LC wedge.

I love a snack plate.

Later in the day I enjoyed these babies,

and chased them with this.

I forgot to take a pic of din din, but it wasn't anything too exciting.

BBQ chicken, rice, corn and cornbread.

Delish, but simple.