Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Food Fix} Skinny Cow escaped the freezer

Skinny Cow makes some of my fave frozen treats.  I love their ice cream sandwiches.

So when I found this little candy crisp bar at the store I was surprised.  I had no idea they were making candy now too.
You know I had to try it. 

Only 110 calories.  Not bad when your craving some chocolate and want a sweet treat.

The entire bar is dipped in chocolate, not just topped with it like many other low-cal candy bars.

The wafers inside are crispy
and are sandwiched between creamy chocolate.

I have to say.  I'm not surprised at how great it was.  I was expecting it to taste great and satisfy my sweet tooth.  Which it did. 
Have you tried this product yet?
What did you think?