Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Food Fix} Award Winning BBQ

On our way to Long Beach, we stopped to eat at Ranch House BBQ in Olympia, WA.
The Hubs has been wanting to check out this place for a few years now.  I'm sure I've mentioned before, that anytime we hear about a BBQ joint he has to taste it. 
Well this place is well known in the BBQ competition circuit.  It has won tons of awards, many of which were grand prize and 1st place.  The Hubs has seen it several times on the Food Network.

We knew it was on our way to the beach, but didn't know it was litterally on our way.  I mean, it was just off the freeway, didn't even have to go through a light to get there.

We decided to share a bowl of their award winning chili,

And a BBQ sampler plate.
Chicken, brisket, pulled pork and ribs with a corn bread muffin, baked beans and garlic fries.
Award winning??
I will just say, I'm sure we weren't served the same plate given to a judge in a competition.
The sauce was delish, I could definitely taste the smoke flavor in the pulled pork, the ribs were fall off the bone and the chicken was moist all the way through.  The chili tasted like any other restaurant style chili.  Nothing special.  The beans were probably the best on the plate for me.  They were sweet with a little tangy kick. 
I could've done without the garlic fries.  I've had better at the ball park and the fair.

I think The Hubs was more impressed than I was.

Not bad overall, but I've had "not bad" BBQ a thousand times. 

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