Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Fun Fix} I'm 30!

Oh little blog of mine, I've missed you so.
This quarter of school has got my schedule all crazy, so, it's been hard for me to find the time to keep up with posting as often as I would like.  Only about a month left of the quarter and hopefully I will be able to be a better blogger when it's over.

I didn't even have time to post on my birthday which was yesterday.
This past weekend, my family put on a party for me.
Carribean theme.
Reggae music and Island food.
So much fun.
Birthday Girl!

I was too busy, getting my drink on to take pics, so I jacked some from my Sissy's facebook page.

Pops and Mum

Hubs and Pops

The menu consisted of Ox Tails, Jerk Chicken, Stewed Chicken and more.

Sissy rockin that Bob Marley


Lincoln and Jaelyn

The Hubs and I


The Hubs and Mr. A

Great Night! 

30th birthday celebration round 2 is this weekend.
I'm ready.