Saturday, March 12, 2011

{Food Fix} Get Your Jerk On

Ever been to Jamaica?

The Hubs and I went for our honeymoon and always talk about going back. 

There were so many thing we loved about our trip there.  The people were friendly, the water was clear and warm, the land was lush and colorful the rum was strong, but best of all the food was delish.

A client of the Hubs' just recently came back from a trip to Jamaica and brought him back some jerk chicken seasoning.

Island Spice Jerk

Of course we had to make some Jerk Chicken.
This particular seasoning is not a dry spice, it's more of a moist paste-like texture.
Although, you can get jerk seasoning in a dry spice too.

If you're not familiar with jerk seasoning, here is the ingredients.
It's spicy but also has a slight sweet bite too.

A Necessity for Chefs and Home Cooks.

I marinated some chicken legs with a couple tablespoons of the seasoning for about 5 hours.
And baked the chicken, uncovered at 350*

With it, we had some cornbread and Caribbean Style beans with brown rice.
So good!!

I've tried a few different brands of jerk seasoning, but this one is the best.

A little rum and some Bob Marley and we were feeling the Jamaican vibe.