Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{Fashion Fix} Grammy Misses

I love the fashion at the Grammys. 
Of all the award shows, I think the Grammys is the one where the fashion is expected to be a bit edgier and hip.
Unfortunately, some artists either take that too far or don't take advantage of it at all.

Here are my Grammy fashion misses.

Jordin Sparks
This dress is just ugly. The pink lining... ugh.

Too much black, not enough edge.

Heidi Klum
I usually love her style but this was just no good.
The hair, the arm bands, the hang... no good.

Katy Perry
Looks like a cross between an angel, mermaid and shower curtain.

Kim K
Although, her hair and make up is fab, this look is played.

Lea Michele
I don't know if it's the pose or the dress, but she looks shapeless.
I'm just not feeling it.
This dress needs a better neckline, something that dips a bit.
The straight line across her shoulders makes it look like her head is resting on a shelf.

Nicki Minaj
Perfect example of going too far.
She looks like a damn fool.

What a Dork.
Agree? Disagree?

Tell me what you think.

It wasn't all bad, I'll post my Grammy Fashion Hits tomorrow.