Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Grub

We had a great Father's Day yesterday.
I made The Hubs a delish breakfast of his faves; pancakes, hotlinks, breakfast potatoes, eggs and orange slices (you know- to balance it all out)

After some house work and a little grocery shopping, we came home to prepare for a great dinner and company.

On the menu amoung other goodies, was Shrimp Etouffee. A Creole dish, somewhat like gumbo but with a tomato base. The Hubs follows Emeril Lagasse's Recipe, but adds sausage and chicken to his. Served over a bed of rice - YUM!!

Since, The Hubs had dinner taken care of, I decided to bake a cake.

Fresh Pear Cake.
I made it for the first time last year with fresh pears from my MIL's pear tree and The Hubs really liked it, so I thought it'd be the perfect sweet treat after dinner.

It was just as good as the first time around and luckily just about all of it got eaten.

{recycled pic}

Happy Father's Day to all the great Fathers out there!!!

Thanks E for being the best Dad ever to Jaelyn. We love and appreciate all that you do for us!!