Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pregnancy Update {29 Weeks}

I had my 29 week appointment today. So I had to gulp down this extra sweet Glucola just before heading to the office. Yuck. Way too sweet and also had my stomach a bit upset.

Jaelyn wanted to come with me. While waiting in the room, he found my camera, so he took some pics. This one my Midwife took, but the next two are J's handy work.

Big Ol' Belly!!!

I told him before hand that I had to get some blood drawn and get a shot. He was nervous for me because he just had his 4 yr check-up which included 3 immunizations. But he told me I did a good job and was brave. Such a sweetie.

He was so excited to hear the baby's heartbeat.

Of course I had to get a couple shots of him too.


Pregnancy weight gain at 29 weeks = 22 pounds. Not bad, although I feel like it's double that.