Thursday, May 20, 2010

Food Pics

~turkey sammy with pear slices and soup

~ff vanilla yogurt with granola and raspberries

~raisin bran in ff milk with banana slices

~lean pocket with cantelope

~tandoori chicken, curry chick peas on basmati rice, mixed veggies and a ww pita


~breakfast wrap with strawberries

~2 hard boiled eggs w/ a sprinkle of chedda on a ww pita
~grapes and strawberries

~homemade buttermilk pancakes w/ mum's homemade blackberry jam and fruit chunks
~fried fish, fries w/ tartar and ketchup

~amazing tomatoe and basil soup
~with a tuna sammy

~breakfast wrap and pear slices

~All caught up on saved pics for now...