Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's B & L and Prego Update

I started my morning with a great breakfast. Scrambled egg, piece of chedda, 2 pieces of Sara Lee's 45 cal whole wheat bread (one with Mum's homemade blackberry jam) some cantelope slices and a cup of that good stuff.

Breakfast held me over until about 12:30 and that's when I went in search of some lunch. I bought this box of Channa Masala (curry chick peas) a few weeks ago and thought it was time to give it a try.

I also heated up some TJ's Veggie Samosas.

To round it all out, I chopped up some mushrooms and some carrots. I'm a dipper, so I had some rf ranch for the veggies and sweet chili sauce for the samosas.

The Channa Masala was really good. If you like curry and like chick peas, you'll like this.

Pregnancy Update.

Today, I'm 23 weeks along. I have to stay I love Wednesdays because each one that comes and goes means another week done. They are like mini milestones.

My weight gain is definitely not what it was with Jaelyn. With him, I gained a whole lot, fast. This time, I did really well the first 4 months with a small gain of only 7 lbs, but this past month I gained an additional 10. Ouch. I havn't been eating as well as I would like to but, I'm slowly getting a hold of that. I also contribute my gain to not hitting my water aerobics classes as often as I was in the beginning, due to my schedule. But I've recommited and I'm also not gonna let a beautiful beautiful day pass me by without getting a brisk walk in.

The baby is doing well. He's moving lots, especially at night. lol.
We've settled on a first name, Avon.
The middle isn't set in stone yet but Emmanuel is the top runner.
Avon Emmanuel
Whatcha think?