Saturday, March 27, 2010

The results are in.

That's right, I had my ultrasound yesterday and the result is another baby boy. I knew it, just had the gut feeling but everyone else wanted me to have a girl. Of course I would have been happy with a girl. I definitely want to know the experience of both, but I'm excited about raising brothers. There is just something about the dynamic of brothers that I love.

I was worried about Jaelyn and what he would think about a baby brother, b/c he has been very clear about wanting a baby sister. After hearing it's a boy, he said he doesn't like baby sisters anymore. So he's happy.

And of course dad is happy, that goes without saying.

Of course after finding out the gender, I hit the mall. Couldn't wait to pick up a few baby clothes.
On to the food from the last couple of days.

Whole wheat frozen waffles with sf syrup and a juicy pear.

Fettucine Alfredo with salmon. Yum.

Oatmeal Baby!

Scrambled eggs with cheddar on a whole wheat tortilla.

Pretzels and hummus.

Apples Apples Apples.

Reduced fat triscuits with cheddar.

Yum, I made Shepherds Pie the other night. Had some with broccoli, a bit of mac & cheese and some cornbread.

Apple cinnamon Cheerios. One of my faves from childhood.

Well that's all for now. My wireless internet has had a mind of it's own lately, so not sure when I'll be back.