Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow, Christmas is over. Seemed like it snucked up on me and passed just as quickly. We spent the holidays in Canada with my parents and family as we always do. I love the atmosphere at my parents' house during the holidays. Christmas lights, music, food, goodies, gift giving, beautiful decorations. It's so cheerful.

Christmas day was wonderful as usual. This was the first year Jaelyn actually got into it and had a blast opening his gifts. Maybe I'll post pics later.

There was food everywhere. Cookies galore, tasty bites, egg nog, mixed nuts, christmas candies. Oh My. It was hard not to get lost in all the yumminess.
I have to be honest I had lots and lots of goodies. It's the holidays! But I also drank lots of water and ate lots of fruit and veggies. I still managed to eat some healthy choices.

Here are a few pics of some of my healthier choices, some from home and some from Mommy's house.

{turkey & cheddar wrap}
{mushroom & barley soup w/ toast}

{tomato & cheddar sammy w/ a banana}
{apple & spice oatmeal}

{tomato & cheddar wrap w/ fruit}
{ww waffles w/ honey and jam, navel orange}
{chili & chips}
{pork & rice burrito-ish wrap}
{kashi cinnamon harvest w/ fiber one original cereal}
{veggie burger and brussel sprouts}

Glad the holidays are over and now I'm home away from Mum's great cooking and all the left-over goodies. Buckle down time.