Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food Food Food

Who doesn't love a bowl of hot soup on a cold day? I know I do. This tomato soup was more that delish.

Instead of the traditional grilled cheese sandwich, I opted for a slice of cheddar inside a toasted whole wheat pita. Perfect for dipping.

I've been having a lot of quick fix meals lately, havn't done a whole lot of cooking. Here is a Lean Cuisine Pasta Primavera with a side of brussel sprouts.

I've been really craving eggs latley. So for breaky fast one morn I had 1 whole & 1 egg white, over medium, with a toasted pita. Have you ever toasted your pita? It's really good. I keep my pita's in the fridge, but don't like to eat them cold, so I pop them in the toaster. They come out a little crispy around the edges but warm and soft in the middle.

More sprouts. I've been on a serious brussel sprout kick. This time they were paired with a Lean Cuisine chicken and garlic pizza.

I've been trying to avoid a cold lately, and gulping one of these down every other day has been helping.

Thomas' Light English Muffin with PB. One of my fave snacks ever.

I eat a banana just about everyday. Either with breakyfast or on the go.
Juicy Orange. Another fruit I've been having just about everyday.

Of course Oatmeal had to make an appearance. Love my oats, esp. on a cold day.

That was just a quick run down of some of my food choices lately.