Monday, November 30, 2009


I had another serving of brussel sprouts with a sandwich today.
A few of my readers have asked how I make my sprouts so here is a quick run down.

First I cut them in half.
I put them in a small pan with about a 1/2 inch of water.

Once the water cooks out, I drizzle a touch of light oil over them and a sprinkle of salt. Let them saute a bit and they are done.
Sometimes I drizzle a little honey over them after plating. I've also sauted a bit of turkey bacon with them. All options are very tasty.

With my sprouts I had a easy and light egg salad sandwich.
I used 1 whole egg and 1 egg white (I feed my dog the 2nd yolk. He loves it)
1 tablespoon of rf mayo, a squeeze of mustard, green onion and S&P.
Sandwiched on a multigrain sammy thin with lettuce.

A very filling and healthy lunch.