Sunday, October 4, 2009

Party Time

Last night The Hubs and I were invited by a good friend of mine to celebrate two birthdays.
We all met up at this really cute restaurant were they had a separate room reserved for the party.

{D'Nika & I}

D'Nika was the very first friend I made when I moved to Seattle 15 years ago, and we've been good friends ever since. Love Ya Nika!

{The Birthday Cake}I didn't get a better shot, but the cake was awesome. D'Nika's cousin made it from scratch. She's self taught and has only made a handful so far. She's found a great hidden talent.
The microphone represents D'Nika's brother, Ernest and the shoe represents D'Nika's boyfriend Jamal. See their names in the cord and shoe string? Oh and the cake tasted good too.

{Jamal & Ernest}
The 2 birthday boys. Obviously having a great time with the microphone.


{Eric & I} I was the designated driver, which is not the norm, so The Hubs definately took full advantage of that.

Another great and safe night out with friends.