Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Weekend.

H-to-the-Izzo, V-to-the-Izzaay!!!
Saturday night The Hubs and I went to the Jay-Z concert. Downtown Seattle was buzzin with Jay-Z fans decked out in Roca Wear and NY Yankee hats.

While getting ready, I had a glass of wine.

Had to get a quick pic, before hitting the rainy night.
The Key Arena was sold out and the energy was wild. The tickets sold fast, so we were only able to get seats in the way way back, but still had a great view.
The place was packed, not an empty seat in the whole spot. Loved it.

The set and band were off the chain. Lots of color and lights.
This was my first real Jay-Z concert. The only other time I seen him perform live was an impromptu performance he put on at Club Love in DC during the Obama Inauguration festivities.
He really gives a great show.

Eric and I waiting for the show to start.


Yesterday my MIL and I hosted a baby shower for my niece-in-law.
Baby showers are so much fun. A bunch of women, chatting and laughing, playing games and being silly.

{Eat Cake}

We both contributed to the food. The dishes I contributed to the spread were,
a veggie platter

deviled eggs

Ambrosia salad, zucchini bread, 7-layer dip w/ tortilla chips, tortilla roll-ups, punch and wine.
My MIL made hot wings, garlic spare ribs and macaroni salad.

{Hey, how did that hot wing get on my plate?}

{Here I am with the Mother-To-Be}

Great weekend.