Friday, September 4, 2009

Fried Green Tomatoes

My MIL's yard is full of fresh fruit and veggies. She has a blackberry bush, an apple tree, a pear tree and a huge veggie garden. Every summer I raid her yard. I pick bowls and bowls of berries and tons of apples and pears. The Apple Pie I made a few weeks back was made with apples from her tree. Yesterday, during my raid, I noticed these huge green tomatoes. Since my garden only has mini tomato variteties, I brought some of her big babies home with me.

There is only one thing I know to do with green tomatoes and that is to fry them.

I've never made Fried Green Tomatoes before, actually, I've never even tasted them before, but that was all the more reason to make some.

I sliced the tomatoes, one was more yellow than green.
Seasoned them with S&P.

I sprinkled the slices with a light dust of flour, then dipped into an egg wash, then coated in panko crumbs. Pan fried in EVOO until golden brown on both sides.

To complete dinner, I made brown rice, steamed broccoli and roasted chicken.

I thought they turned out great. The panko was crispy and the tomatoes were firm & warm. I could taste a slight sweet taste.
The Hubs said they were alright, but nothing he looks forward to having again.

Have you ever had/made fried green tomatoes?