Monday, August 10, 2009

Meatless Monday Week 3

Started my day with the perfect cuppa joe.

Followed by a bowl of Puffins w/ ff milk.
Jaelyn and I headed out for the early part of the day, when we returned I was starving. No literally, STARVING. We all know that's not a good thing, and if you didn't know, let this be a lesson learned.
While I waited for the eggs (for my lunchtime egg salad wrap) to boil, I dove into some sweet and juicy watermelon, but it wasn't satisfying my hunger fast enough, so I dipped into a bag of pretzels, nope still not satisfied, so I had a handful of Annie's honey bunnies. Where are the pictures you ask? I was starving, didn't have time to take any. Luckily I had already taken a pic of the watermelon when I cut it up. Bad, Bad Girl.

Finally, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, I enjoyed a wrap filled with egg salad alongside some fresh tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

Egg Salad:
1 boiled whole egg
1 boiled egg white
Spoonful of rf mayo
Squirt of mustard
Wrapped with a ww tortilla and some lettuce.

Dinner: Veggies sauteed in EVOO, garlic and S&P with a splash of teriyaki sauce. Plated on a bed of brown rice.
Wow, sounds so simple but so good. Filling and satisfying.

Garlic toast, couldn't resist.
Another meatless Monday success.
Happy Healthy Eating!