Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meatless Mondays

I've decided to go meatless on Mondays and possibly one more day of the week. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to allow my body at least one day to digest all the meat I eat. Also, in a way, this will give me another focus and keep me even more conscious of my food choices. I guess it's like a mini challenge. Not challenging b/c I can't eat meat, (I went meatless for almost 2 years before) but challenging b/c I will have to think about what I eat even closer.
Yesterday was my first Meatless Monday. I didn't have much for breaky fast b/c I was travelling home from BC, but I did manage to get some coffee for the ride.

So, lunch was a veggie pita sammy.
RF cream cheese
Sliced tomatoes
Green Bells
1/2 slice of Cheddar

Along side, I had a sliced orange and a juicy plum.
Dinner last night was a veggie pita pizza. (Didn't occur to me that both meals included a pita until now)
I didn't get a pic b/c I was exhausted and starving after my sweaty 4 mile walk.
My snack yesterday was a big bowl of blackberries picked fresh from my MIL's backyard. Oh My, they were fat and sweet.
My first Meatless Monday was a success.