Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caribbean Food, YUM!

Today was another family day that was surrounded by food. We went to the Caribbean Festival here in BC. (Yes, we're back in Canada) OMG, I love the cuisine from the Islands. Jerk, Curry, Spice, Oh My!

Jamaican Patties are one of my absolute fav Caribbean foods. We all started with patties.

There was fresh coconut juice served in the actual coconut. I don't like it, but my niece clearly enjoyed it.

She also ate the flesh of the coconut.

Jaelyn wanted Yam Fries.

The Hubs and my Dad had the Roti. The skin was made fresh right there at the festival, then filled with curry chicken, potato and chick peas.

I was looking for Curry Chicken but I ended up with the Jerk Chicken. It was delicious. Just the right amount of spice and very moist.

To cool off in the crazy heat, I shared a Peach slushie with who ever wanted a sip.
The festival was a ton of fun. The sun was shinning, the music filled the air and the food was all that I expected.