Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day One in BC

I started my day with the perfect cup of coffee while chatting with Mum on the balcony. Another beautiful day was ahead of us. The weather report said to expect it to reach the low 30's. Which was just fine with me. I love the heat.

For breakfast we shared a tray of mixed fruit. Cherries, grapes, plums and mango. (I almost forgot to get a pic)

After shopping around downtown lunch was on the brain, so of course we headed to our fav chinese spot. Once again, there I was with about 4 different dishes of yumminess in front of me. Ugh. I ordered the won ton noodle soup. My all time fav. But once it was gone, I did have a few bites of the other options. I didn't go crazy with it and I tried to eat slow and really pay attention to each bite.
After coming back home we all took a nap. The sun and walking drained us all, I think. It felt so good to just lay down and pass out, in the middle of the day. I don't get to do that often enough.
When we woke up, we headed to the backyard for some pool fun. We even managed to get in some water aerobics. I'm sure the neighbors definately think we are all weird and had a good laugh at us. But, do you think we cared? Not for a minute.
While we layed out on our lawn chairs basking in the sun, Mum and I, enjoyed chilled glasses of sangria.
Dinner lastnight was Indian. OMG, so so good. My dad can get down in the kitchen. He whipped up some Tandori Chicken, Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and Curry Chick Peas. We didn't have any Naan bread so we had Pita instead. What a great meal.
I don't know why this pic is being difficult and uploaded sideways?

So, today is the baby shower and I'm sure there will be a nice spread. There is usually always a veggie and fruit platter at our family events, so my plan is to fill up on those and dip a little in the other stuff. I'm sure there will be wine. 2 glasses will be my limit followed by plenty of water. We shall see what happens...