Friday, May 8, 2009

Loose Meat and Gravy

No, not Moose meat. Although, I have had moose meat and it's really good and lean.

Loose Meat and Gravy over brown rice with cabbage.

When I was younger, my Mum used to make loose meat and gravy with mashed potatoes and corn. It was one of my favorite meals and when I make it now, it reminds me of those days. It's definately one of my comfort foods.

Last nights dinner wasn't exactly like Mums but close enough and still very delish.

I browned 93/7 lean ground beef with onions in EVOO
Added some sliced mushrooms
Mixed in a separate bowl a mushroom gravy package (Mum always made her own gravy from scratch) with hot water then added to the meat, let simmer

For the cabbage, I added some chicken stock to a pot, with onions and cut cabbage, seasoned
Let cook down and then added sliced carrots, cooked til carrots were tender

I boiled the rest of the can of chicken stock with water to make 2 cups of liquid, then added 1 cup of brown rice.

Easy Peasy!

Happy Healthy Eating!